Should Indian Air Force buy more Chinook?

CH-47 Chinook

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Indian Ministry of Defence had purchased 15 Chinook heavy-lift choppers from the American Aviation giant "Boeing" and the US government in the year 2018. These choppers have helped Indian Airforce extensively to deliver supply to the forward high altitude posts in Siachen and also been proving beneficial in the rescue operations during natural calamities. But the point lies does India have enough of these machines or should we buy more?


The first of the 15 CH-47F Chinooks in the Indian Air force camp were inducted on 25 March, 2019 at Chandigarh.

CH-47F Chinook is an advanced multi mission helicopter that provides Indian Airforce with unmatched airlift capabilities across the full spectrum of combat and humanitarian mission.

It can deliver heavy payloads to high altitudes and is eminently suited for operations in the high Himalayas. It greatly enhances India’s capabilities across a range of military and HADR missions.

Recently the Chinooks were used in the relief and rescue operations in Uttarakhand glacier burst and flash flood. It brought both personnel and aid material required for the multi agency mission at Tapovan tunnel in Chamoli area.

The Chinooks were highly operational across LAC after the deployment and road building activity of China's People's Liberation Army. It has undoubtedly kept India on the forefront as it can quickly deploy the personnel and aids required at the forward post. Its capability to fly at altitudes greater than 18,000-feet and substantial enabling factor in the mountainous regions keeps this beast in high demands.

Should IAF acquire more Chinook?

CH-47 Chinook

With the multi dimensional operational capabilities that CH-47F provides, without a

doubt MoD & IAF should go ahead with the purchase of another 10 Chinooks. The contract already signed between US government and MoD has follow up orders of 7 Chinook and 11 AH-64E Apache. Hopefully Indian Air Force acquires these machines to give boost their helicopter fleet.

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